Brewing great beer is just a part of success. The rest is in hands of tapsters, who give their love and care to pouring beer, using the right instruments - our original side-pour faucets.

Our story

LUKR CZ was founded in 1991 and it has been developing beer gastronomy products ever since. We permanently follow the trends and purposefully invest into the modernization of our production in order to be able to offer our products in premium quality, timely, and with adequate service. We dare to say that we literally set the trends in our segment, which reflects in protected patterns and patent we have been awarded. Presently, we have been investing lots of effort and funding especially into the development and manufacture of double-jacket cooled tanks, which we offer in various volumes and finishes. Our team of experienced specialists is capable of performing installations in several locations simultaneously, and also provide the follow-up service. We believe in global development of tank-management of beer, as we are convinced that presently it is the best way of beer transport and distribution preserving its quality along its entire way from the brewery to the glass of the consumer. Other areas in which we boast long tradition are the development and manufacture of traditional Old Czech beer towers and taps as well as the development and manufacture of washing and sanitizing agents for beverage lines and beer glass which we develop in cooperation with experts in the areas of hygiene and chemistry. All our products and services are covered with a flexible after-sale service which gives our customers the confidence that they will never face a potential problem on their own.

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